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Huntley & Palmers tin - Stained Glass Window


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Huntley & Palmers Stained Glass Window tin

A square tin with a design reproducing a stained glass image of Mary, Joseph and Jesus fleeing to Egypt on a donkey on the lift-off lid. Decorative stained glass motifs appear around the sides. Number 1879/2787.

The stained glass images used on this tin are copies of originals found in Canterbury Cathedral, which has some of the finest early medieval stained glass in Europe. This roundel is one of many that can be found there. Fire struck the cathedral in September 1174. Profits from the lucrative pilgrim business enabled the monks to build a new Quire and the Trinity Chapel and to fill it with stained glass of outstanding splendour produced by workshops of English and French craftsmen. This tin, clearly, was intended for the Christmas market. Printed using offset litho.

Museum object number REDMG : 1992.2.857

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