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Floods in Caversham, Reading. Tradesmen Making Deliveries by Boat.

Photograph from Reading Chronicle Collection - March 1947

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Washington Road, Caversham, Reading in the floods. Making deliveries by boat.

Washington Road, Caversham, Reading was particularly badly affected by the Thames Floods of March 1947. The floods were caused by melting snow in The Thames catchment area, raising the level of the river by several feet by Saturday 15 March. About 1,600 homes were affected. Some people were evacuated, others moved upstairs in their houses. The floods lasted for about a week and during that time some tradesmen took to the water to make deliveries.

This photograph was published in the Berkshire Chronicle on 21 March 1947.

Museum object number REDMG : 1980.36.A918.1

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