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Huntley & Palmers tin - Waverley


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Huntley & Palmers Waverley tin

This biscuit tin is in the shape of eight bound books. All the books are by Sir Walter Scott. Huntley & Palmers produced their first book tin, 'Library', in 1900. This was followed in 1901 with 'Literature' and this tin was the third in the series simulating bound books. The book tins were one of the most popular tins with customers and were manufactured, in ten different variations, until 1924. During this time over 650,000 book tins were produced.

This tin was manufactured by Huntley Boorne & Stevens, printed by the offset litho process.

Museum object number REDMG : 1969.188.1

height 16.0 cm, width 16.0 cm, depth 12.5 cm

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