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Dr J.B.Hurry

Photograph by Elliot T Fry - Early twentieth century

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Dr J.B. Hurry (1857-1930)

Dr Jamieson Boyd Hurry (1857-1930) was a local doctor with a particular interest in Reading Abbey and botany. He researched and wrote several books on the history of Reading Abbey and set up several monuments in the Forbury Gardens and the Abbey Ruins. From 1909 he commissioned a series the paintings showing artistic impressions of important events in the Abbey’s History. These are displayed in the Museum and Town Hall building.

Between 1915 and 1926 Hurry lived at Westfield a large house in Southcote Road where he established an ‘educational garden’. He opened the garden to the public once a year. When he sold the house in 1926 he presented his collection of rare plants to Bournemouth Corporation for Kings Park at Boscombe.

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