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Woven straw hat from Lesotho

This woven straw hat is from Lesotho, where it is called a 'mokorotlo'. This type of hat is made by the Basotho people. It is conical in shape, with a design feature at the top which resembles the cross on a European crown.

The mokorotlo is one of Lesotho's national symbols and was incorporated into the new design of the country's flag in 2006. The mokorotlo sits in the centre of the flag, which was created for the fortieth anniversary of Lesotho's independence. The previous flag incorporated weapons into its design and it was suggested that the new flag represents a more peaceful Lesotho.

Museum object number REDMG : 2007.2110.1

diameter 33 cm, height 28 cm

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'Lesotho unfurls 'peaceful' flag', a BBC news article from 2006.