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Baptist Missionary Society photographs

Paper - Late nineteenth to early twentieth century

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Five photographs from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This set of five photographs shows scenes from various mission stations of the Baptist Missionary Society, including Monsembe and Yakusu, now in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They show a variety of scenes: a Congolese mother and two children entitled ‘Congo natives’, a group of people and donkeys entitled ‘Monsembe Mission Station’, a family seated at a picnic, a woman standing on some veranda steps, and a collection of Congolese objects entitled ‘Fetishes and charms given up by Monsembe people, hung in school room’.

Many converts to Christianity were required to give up traditional objects, often described by missionaries as ‘fetishes’, as part of the process of baptism. The objects that are shown in this photograph include fly whisks, gourds, baskets and horns.

Museum object number REDMG : 2007.443.1=5

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