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'Welcome Royal Berks' Decorations at Reading Station

Photograph from Reading Chronicle Collection - November 1945

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Reading Station decorated brightly for soldiers from the Royal Berkshire Regiment returning home from Burma.

After three and a half years military service in Burma, 350 men from the Royal Berkshire Regiment returned to Great Britain via Liverpool on a boat called the 'Phoenix Roussel'. They then caught a train south to Reading where their arrival was highly anticipated.

Lasting from 1941 until 1945, the 'Burma Campaign' saw British Commonwealth troops, Canadians and elements of Chinese and American forces fight a colonial war against the Empire of Japan. Japan's aim was to take Burma from Great Britain, which would place them in prime position to take over India and eventually China. Their mission was aided by the Indian National Army and the Burmese Independence Army, who were against British colonial rule in their countries. Whilst many British men were involved, land forces were drawn primarily from the British Indian army and African colonial troops.

Upon their return, the Royal Berkshire Regiment were greeted at Reading Station on Station Road by Mayor Newham wearing his civic regalia. They then made their way to Brock Barracks for a meal of roast lamb with mint sauce, peas, roast potatoes, cream trifle, coffee, cheese with biscuits and two pints of beer each, provided by H and G Simonds.

This photograph was published in the Berkshire Chronicle on 9 November 1945.

Museum object number REDMG : 1980.36.A795.1

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